Drone Aerial Videography

Take your video projects to new heights with VISION’s drone aerial video production capabilities. Whether capturing high-altitude shots or fast-moving action shots, our highly skilled drone pilots and videographers shoot a wide range of breathtaking outdoor and indoor drone footage that help propel the brands we work with to center stage—all with incredibly smooth camera operation.

VISION is equipped with the latest in drone video capture technology and our equipment line includes the DJI Inspire 2 Drone paired with the Zenmuse X7 camera which features the very latest in intelligent flight modes, an array of safety redundancies, as well as 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes resolution filming capabilities.

As an FAA-approved drone operator, VISION’s team of highly-experienced remote pilots are fully trained and licensed under FAA Part 107 regulations. With years of high-end video production experience, VISION’s team of drone videographers raise the bar of storytelling innovation to create cinematic drone footage for your web and broadcast commercials, marketing videos, corporate applications and so much more.

We can be reached at 713-862-1900 or you can fill out the form below, and we will reply promptly.