American Heart Association Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards

Awarding the best in college football coaching at the American Heart Association Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards.

The American Heart Association is on a mission for longer, healthier lives, working tirelessly to ensure equal health opportunities for all communities. With the support of countless volunteers and partnerships, they fund groundbreaking research, advocate for public health, and share life-saving resources.

In memory of the legendary football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, who passed away from a heart attack in 1983, his family joined forces with the American Heart Association to create the Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards program. This annual program recognizes outstanding college football coaches who excel on and off the field. By honoring these coaches’ contributions and raising essential funds through sponsorships, auctions, and donations, the awards program supports the American Heart Association’s vital mission. The 2024 Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards ceremony held special significance as it kicked off the American Heart Association’s centennial year—commemorating a century devoted to cardiovascular health.

In a dynamic collaboration, VISION Production Group joined forces with the American Heart Association to produce an engaging and impactful live awards ceremony and fundraising event. The ceremony, broadcasted on CBS Sports, aimed to inspire and raise awareness for the association’s mission.

  • Live Broadcast Event Production:

    VISION successfully organized the prestigious Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards live event for the American Heart Association, not only captivating the audience in the ballroom but also engaging audiences nationwide through the broadcast from CBS Sports.

  • 2024 PBB Coach of the Year Finalists

    Motion Graphics and Design:

    The creative team at VISION crafted a dynamic design and motion graphics for the live event content as well as post-event marketing materials.

  • Video Production:

    VISION crafted a captivating and emotionally charged opening video that stirred the audience’s excitement for the evening’s event. In addition, VISION produced an after-event marketing video that effectively demonstrated the impact of the 2024 Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards, while building momentum for the next year’s awards.

The American Heart Association’s Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards was a monumental success, raising significant awareness and much-needed funding toward their life-saving research. Through this remarkable collaboration, we have witnessed the incredible power of sports to drive positive change and make a difference in the lives of so many. Together, we have created an unforgettable experience that not only celebrates excellence in coaching but also leaves a lasting impact on heart health, ensuring a brighter future for all.