ChampionX Offshore Interactive Experience

Exploring ChampionX’s offshore production solutions through interactive applications.

For more than a century, ChampionX has built its reputation on delivering unrivaled products and services to oil and gas operations worldwide. As part of their impressive offerings, ChampionX provides practical chemistries and proactive offshore production solutions to help their customers produce offshore safely and more efficiently. To showcase their high-performance chemistries and expertise in addressing offshore challenges, ChampionX engaged VISION to develop an animated interactive experience that gives customers a deeper understanding of what ChampionX has to offer and how their incredible product line works.

  • Interactive Application:

    Designed to be used on large touch screens, tablets as well as on ChampionX’s website, VISION built an interactive experience that takes potential customers on a dynamic journey through ChampionX’s subsea solutions.

  • 3D Animation:

    VISION’s team of programmers, 3D animators and digital artists utilized 3D models to show customers a realistic representation of ChampionX’s offshore operations, from topside to reservoir.

Known for its innovative solutions within the oil and gas industry, ChampionX is no stranger to exploring the power of technology to improve the customer experience. VISION is proud to contribute our expertise in creating interactive experiences towards ChampionX’s reputation of delivering forward-thinking innovations for customers—ensuring that ChampionX’s leadership within the industry lives ON.