Dell Precision 7000 Commercial

Introducing Dell’s most powerful mobile workstation yet in 3D projection mapping commercial.

For 25 years, Dell Precision has consistently delivered innovative workstations and solutions that are the leading choice for professional applications and emerging technologies. With the launch of their most powerful mobile workstation yet, Dell Technologies needed a standout commercial video that would highlight the ultra-scalable performance that puts power behind the purpose of its users.

Utilizing our expertise in 3D animation, projection mapping and commercial video production, VISION Production Group worked with Dell Blue and Great Guns USA to create a dynamic commercial video that immerses viewers in the power of Dell’s Precision 7000 Series.

  • High-End Commercial Production:

    VISION collaborated with Dell’s internal creative agency, Dell Blue, and international film production company, Great Guns USA, to produce a global commercial for the launch of Dell’s new Precision 7000 Mobile Workstations.

  • 3D Projection Mapping:

    To highlight the new Precision Workstations’ immersive productivity and design, VISION used 3D Projection Mapping to bring to life the first-class graphics capabilities of the Precision 7000 series—creating a fantastical backdrop that immerses the viewers in a 3D animated environment.

  • 3D Animation:

    Featured as the commercial’s dynamically-projected backdrop as well as on the screen’s of Dell’s new Precision 7000 Mobile Workstations, VISION’s 3D artists created custom animations that immerse viewers in the power of Dell’s new technology.

  • Virtual Video Production Workflow:

    With Dell’s internal creative agency located near Austin, TX, and Great Guns USA directing remotely from the UK, the production of Dell’s global product launch commercial presented complex communication barriers. To ensure a smooth and efficient production as well as a stellar end-product, VISION utilized innovative virtual production solutions that allowed for real-time feedback from the production’s multiple, remote stakeholders across the world.

The true power of Dell’s mobile workstations is not only about high performance and technological innovations. It’s about the ability to make a difference. While the animations and projection mapping technology featured in the commercial represent the level of power from the Precision 7000’s processors and graphics card, it also shows how the mobile workstation turns ideas into masterpieces, data sets into lifesaving solutions, and reality into whatever you want it to be. Because true power is the power to change the world.