Gulf States Toyota

Taking Toyota places.

Let’s go places—more than just a motto, Toyota’s tagline inspires the feeling of adventure and camaraderie that help people understand the brand’s focus on delighting anyone that encounters them. Since 2004, VISION has captured this spirit for Gulf States Toyota, the largest private-distributor in the world, through a wide variety of live events and video productions, creating an exclusive and world-class experience to celebrate GST’s success and inspire Toyota dealers throughout the Gulf States and connect them to the company’s core brand enabling a culture of adventure to live ON.

  • Live Event Production:

    For over a decade, we’ve created an immersive experience for GST’s annual Winter Dealer Meeting held at various locations throughout the 5 state region.  We work closely with GST to strategically orient each event toward Toyota’s current business goals and to solidify their innovative approach while energizing GST dealers toward excellence.

  • Presentation Technology:

    Over the years, VISION has used a wide variety of innovative and dynamic presentation technologies for GST, including the utilization of 120 foot, 80 foot and 60 foot LED Panoramic screens as well as touch technologies, audience response systems and virtual auto shows. Car reveals have included the launch of the new Tundra and introduction of concept vehicles along with full on-site auto shows and press events.

  • Motion Graphics, Animation and Custom Videos:

    VISION’s animation skills and expertise regularly help GST showcase their key messages and vehicle product lines.  Motion graphics and videos are designed and created for all screen sizes and smart technology. Custom videos are produced for opening general session presentations such as features on GST dealerships, manufacturing plants, service operations and vehicle launches. Virtual auto shows are created to introduce new vehicle models and accessories. VISION also designs the annual event theme look which is animated and featured on all event touch points including on-line registrations site and signage.

Whether it’s producing a live event for a large-scale dealer meeting or designing a graphics package for a vehicle launch, VISION has been trusted for over a decade to provide a unique and memorable experience that transport people to new places. It’s through this experience Gulf States Toyota has been amplified as a thought leader and innovator in their industry.