Harris Health Animated Video Series

Navigating Harris Health System with Animated Videos.

Harris Health System is dedicated to providing exemplary healthcare services to the diverse community of Harris County. Recognizing the importance of effective communication with its patients, Harris Health has embarked on a strategic partnership with VISION Production Group to enhance the patient journey. This collaboration has led to the creation of a series of animated videos in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, aimed at simplifying the process of navigating healthcare services. The initiative is focused on improving patient experience, satisfaction, and outcomes by making healthcare information more accessible and understandable. The ultimate goal is to ensure that individuals feel informed and confident when choosing Harris Health as their healthcare provider.

  • Animation:

    Utilizing animation and motion graphics, VISION crafted compelling visuals that effortlessly bridge language gaps and accommodate patients of different health literacy levels. By leveraging the power of animation, VISION transformed intricate information into visually intuitive content, making it accessible and engaging for everyone.

  • Multilingual Video Production:

    Recognizing the linguistic diversity within Harris Health’s patient base, VISION produced versions of each video in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. This strategic multilingual effort ensures that the information is accessible to a wide range of patients, promoting an inclusive environment.

The successful launch of this video series marks a significant achievement in Harris Health’s commitment to enhancing patient communication. Now, patients are better informed and feel more confident in selecting Harris Health as their preferred healthcare provider. These videos clearly outline how to verify eligibility, select a medical home, and make use of the MyHealth patient portal, all of which play a crucial role in fostering better health outcomes.