Houston Health Department Vaccine Campaign

Taking Our Best Shot Against COVID-19 with an Animated PSA Campaign.

The pandemic has impacted millions of lives in Houston, with some communities being hit harder than others. In preparation of the COVID-19 vaccine becoming more widely available, the Houston Health Department sought to create a PSA campaign encouraging Houstonians to protect themselves by getting vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available to them. To do this, the Houston Health Department partnered with Gilbreath Communications and VISION to create the “Take Your Best Shot” animated PSA campaign targeting those most heavily impacted by COVID-19.

  • Animated PSA Campaign:

    To create the Houston Health Department’s “Take Your Best Shot” PSA campaign, VISION utilized animation as a safe, socially distant solution to sharing the message while representing the individuals most affected by COVID-19 including communities of color, seniors age 64 and older, people with underlying health conditions, health care workers as well as first responders.

  • Bilingual Broadcast , Radio, and Social Media Campaign:

    For the Houston Health Department’s “Take Your Best Shot” PSA campaign, VISION created a total of 20 spots broadcast in English and in Spanish across TV, radio, and social media platforms emphasizing staying vigilant about using masks and practicing social distancing as well as taking the vaccine once it becomes available with a call to action to contact their health care provider of visit for more information.

Although the primary message of the Houston Health Department’s “Take Your Best Shot” campaign is about the need to get vaccinated, it also urges everyone to adopt a sense of personal responsibility to protect themselves and others as well as help prevent the spread of COVID-19, so that the city, and society as a whole, can return to a sense of normalcy. VISION is proud to partner with Gilbreath Communications in the Houston Health Department’s important campaign in the effort to keep our community safe against COVID-19 and ensure that every Houstonian lives ON.