H+M Industrial EPC Recruitment Video

Recruiting top talent at H+M Industrial EPC.

H+M Industrial EPC has been providing industrial design/build, engineering and construction services to industrial companies across the Texas Gulf Coast region for more than 25 years. Their reputation as a reliable, communicative partner wouldn’t be possible without the skilled team employed at H+M Industrial EPC. In order to maintain that standard for their clients, H+M Industrial engaged VISION to create a recruitment video that shows who H+M Industrial EPC is as a company.
  • HM Industrial video production

    Video Production:

    VISION produced an attention-grabbing recruitment video for H+M Industrial EPC to show the impact, culture and opportunity available at the Pasadena-based individual equipment designer and manufacturer.

  • HM Industrial video motion graphics

    Motion Graphics:

    Using quick cuts and bold graphics, VISION added dramatic hype to the video while conveying a strong message that H+M Industrial EPC has a strong company culture that values their employees as more than just a number, that there is room for growth and development within the company, and that their industry impacts the world. 

VISION produced a Lantern Award-winning video for H+M Industrial that would stand the test of time not only as a recruitment video but also as way to showcase their company to prospective business partners to boost future client partnerships.