Houston Botanic Garden Marketing Video

Fostering connection to nature with Houston Botanic Garden’s new marketing video.

Just a few minutes southeast of the hustle and bustle of Houston’s city center awaits an urban oasis teeming with vibrant plant life and experiences. Houston Botanic Garden offers visitors an escape to peace and tranquility as they immerse themselves in Houston’s very own living museum of global horticulture. Looking to showcase their lush gardens as well as their vast array of programming and events, Houston Botanic Garden called on VISION Production Group to produce a marketing video that would not only convey the beauty and scale of the gardens, but also show how Houston Botanic Garden is enriching life through nature discovery, education and conservation. Utilizing stunning drone aerial videography and video production, VISION was able to create a video that fully encapsulates the experience that visitors will have when they enter Houston Botanic Garden’s gate—ensuring that nature appreciation lives ON.

  • Drone Videography:

    VISION’s talented team of drone pilots and videographers used top-of-the-line drone technology to capture the expanse of Houston Botanic Garden’s 132-acres of horticultural displays, natural ecosystems, and walking trails with cinematic aerial footage.

  • Video Production:

    Houston Botanic Garden’s marketing video features stunning imagery highlighting all that the gardens have to offer, from the diverse color and beauty of the world-class gardens to the on-going educational programs and experiences that enable people to become more connected with nature. By immersing viewers in Houston Botanic Garden’s serene walking trails, botanic displays, bayous and wetlands, the marketing video showcases exactly why people are falling in love with this Houston gem.

Houston is a moving, thriving, global city, beautifully brimming with multicultural diversity. From experiential and educational programs designed for learners of all ages to themed gardens curated to honor the many cultural heritages of Houstonians, the Houston Botanic Garden is a place for all of Houston to enjoy; a place to learn, to get outside, and to connect, with nature and each other. VISION is honored to create this new marketing video for Houston Botanic Garden to share their beautiful space—a space that celebrates the cultural vibrancy of Houston—with the world.