Houston Parks Board Week of Thanks

Sharing gratitude and capturing the power of parks through virtual and video experiences.

For more than 40 years, the Houston Parks Board has worked towards its extraordinary mission of creating, improving, protecting, and advocating for parks for everyone. The Houston Parks Board’s annual luncheon is a crucial part of supporting this mission. The Parks Board’s 2020 luncheon was planned to be an even bigger event as 2020 marked the completion of Bayou Greenways 2020, an 8-year, 150-mile, $220 million endeavor that has transformed our city. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on in-person gatherings, the Houston Parks Board engaged VISION in tandem with the Black Sheep Agency to remodel this one-day celebration into an entire virtual ‘Week of Thanks’ in November of 2020. Each day was packed with engaging online activities and videos showcasing real park users’ stories all leading up to a special virtual experience featuring a short film and ending the following day with a special thank you video directed towards everyone who has supported their important work.

  • Virtual Event Production:

    Originally intended as a single-day, in-person, celebratory luncheon, VISION worked with the Houston Parks Board and the Black Sheep Agency to turn the Parks Board’s celebration of the completion of the much anticipated Bayou Greenways 2020 initiative into an entire ‘Week of Thanks’ featuring a special virtual event to showcase the transformations made possible by the Bayou Greenways 2020 project and to thank all the supporters who have helped this large and audacious dream come to fruition.

  • Video Production:

    Every story is a point of connection. A moment captured and a pathway between one person and so many others. To capture this message and help the Parks Board leverage the main virtual event, VISION produced 3 ancillary videos showcasing the experiences of individuals in neighborhoods across Houston as a way of celebrating the way Houstonians have made the parks their own. In addition to these park user stories, the VISION team also produced a thank you video from the Houston Parks Board to all those who have made the Bayou Greenways 2020 initiative a reality.

  • Short Film Production:

    As part of the Houston Parks Board’s virtual event experience, VISION produced a short film highlighting the parks and their impact on our lives. Through cinematic footage and thoughtful storytelling, the dynamic short film demonstrates the connectivity that, through its Bayou Greenways 2020 initiative, the Houston Parks Board has made possible for all Houstonians.

Houston Parks Board believes in the restorative power of parks, trails, and time spent outdoors, and in the year 2020, that mission resonates more clearly than ever before. VISION is proud to lend our virtual event and video production expertise towards transforming the Houston Parks Board’s 2020 in-person attended luncheon into a virtual ‘Week of Thanks’ experience—successfully engaging our beloved community and ensuring that the Parks Board’s mission and impact live ON.