Houston Public Media’s 70th Anniversary

Celebrating Houston Public Media’s 70th Anniversary.

Since 1950, Houston Public Media has been committed to serving the Greater Houston Area with quality programming in curriculum-based educational content, news, and information. In honor of their 70th anniversary, Houston Public Media engaged VISION to create an unforgettable anniversary event experience complete with immersive video wall displays and 3D cake projection mapping to showcase the important work of Houston Public Media along with the event’s theme: For the love of Houston. VISION is honored to bring our expertise to helping Houston Public Media’s incredible legacy live ON.

  • Event Production:

    VISION worked with Connect the Dots to create an unforgettable live event experience for the more than 150 attendees celebrating Houston Public Media’s 70th anniversary.

  • Custom Video Wall Installations and Content:

    VISION put together video wall content to feature Houston as the backdrop of the event as well as ongoing loops around the event space showcasing 70 years of Houston Public Media’s programming.

  • Cake Projection Mapping:

    For an added immersive element, VISION projected Houston Public Media’s “For the Love of Houston” theme design and a wide array of visual content on a 7-tier cake.

  • Video Production:

    Houston Public Media engaged VISION to produce a video montage of the anniversary celebration event to share with event attendees and the public.

As the Houston-area’s only non-commercial, community-owned media organization, Houston Public Media has played an integral role in providing informative, thought-provoking and entertaining content to our community. VISION is proud to be a part of putting this event experience together to celebrate Houston Public Media’s 70-year anniversary milestone. This event not only celebrates Houston Public Media’s legacy but also celebrated our community—thanking them for listening, watching, caring and giving all these years.