Interfaith Ministries Plaza of Respect

Championing respect through interactive experiences

At a time when there seems to be so much division and hate in the world, Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston created a much-needed symbol of solidarity by transforming their adjacent outdoor space into the new Brigitte and Bashar Kalai “Plaza of Respect.” The Plaza, designed to showcase the many different faiths of the Houston community, is an inspiring gathering place that welcomes people of all religions with mutual respect. 

As the capstone of the Interfaith Ministries campus and a beautiful civic space in the heart of Midtown, the Plaza of Respect is dedicated to the interfaith work of three pillars of light in our community — Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza, Rabbi Samuel Karff and Reverend William A. Lawson. These men have long demonstrated a life of respect through their important work.

Within the Plaza of Respect are the “Pillars of Light” which are three monuments of dichroic glass honoring each of the celebrated faith leaders. Interfaith Ministries engaged VISION to create an image triggered experience that allows visitors to interact with each of the clergymen while standing at the pillars.
  • Interactive App Development

    Using unique, image triggered technology located on each pillar allows visitors of the Plaza to ask questions of three of Houston’s most celebrated faith leaders regarding faith, social justice, and community through an app.
  • Video Production:  

    VISION produced videos capturing the sage wisdom of Archbishop Fiorenza, Rabbi Karff, and Reverend Lawson that play through an interactive app experience on the ‘Pillars of Light’ sculptures at the Plaza of Respect.

The Plaza of Respect’s ‘Pillars of Light’ stand so that future generations can hear the stories of three of Houston’s most exemplary faith leaders, be inspired by their hard work and dedication, as well as learn about their own faiths and the faiths of others. VISION is honored to contribute to the everlasting legacies of these three faith leaders through this interactive video experience—ensuring that respect for all religions lives ON.