Kinder Institute for Urban Research

Building Better Cities, Building Better Lives at the Kinder Institute Annual Luncheon.

No city more closely epitomizes the changes in the country’s social and political landscape than Houston. The Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research works to arm industry and political leaders along with Houston citizens with the information necessary to implement meaningful solutions to critical urban issues facing our region. For four decades, the “Kinder Houston Area Survey” has been measuring the continuities and changes in the perceptions and experiences of successive representative samples of Harris County adults. Through intensive interviews reaching more than 45,000 Houston area residents, year after year the surveys have been tracking the trends in life experiences, attitudes and beliefs during a period of remarkable economic and demographic change in the Houston region.

Each year, the Kinder Institute holds its annual Kinder Institute Luncheon to share the results of the Kinder Houston Area Survey presented by Dr. Stephen L. Klineberg, Founding Director, Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research Professor of Sociology. For the final Kinder Luncheon before Dr. Klineberg’s retirement, VISION created a special tribute video honoring his important work and incredible impact on Houston. VISION is honored to have worked with Dr. Klineberg and the Kinder Institute as a Production Partner for so many years to showcase the survey’s data that inspires meaningful changes that lives ON for Houston and the world.

  • Video Production:

    As a special tribute during the 2022 Luncheon, the Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research engaged VISION to produce a video thanking Dr. Klineberg for his important work that has helped shape Houston into a better city for Houstonians.

  • Event Production Partner:

    As a Kinder Institute’s Production Partner, VISION brings our event production skills to their Kinder Institute Luncheon every year featuring the results of Stephen L. Klineberg’s Houston Survey. During the event, Dr. Anne S. Chao was presented with the 2022 Stephen L. Klineberg Award for her incredible contributions to our community.

  • Digital Experience Production and Content Creation:

    Amid the COVID-19 crisis, VISION transformed Kinder Institute’s live, in-person luncheon into a digital ‘Lunch-Out’ experience where audiences tuned in from across the global to watch Dr. Stephen Klineberg reveal the survey results.

VISION is proud to champion Houston with our event and video production expertise—showcasing the important work of Dr. Klineberg and the Kinder Institute as they build a better city for the Houstonians.