Houston Mayor’s Vaccine PSA Campaign

Starting conversations about the COVID vaccine in Houston Mayor’s PSA Campaign.

Communities of color across the City of Houston have been hit disproportionally hard by COVID-19, particularly the African American and Hispanic communities. As the City of Houston prepares for the COVID-19 vaccine to become widely distributed to the community, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner wants to ensure that communities that have been impacted the most by COVID-19 are not on the back end of equity and distribution. However, research shows that these same communities are much less inclined to get vaccinated than other racial and ethnic groups. To address the culturally specific reluctance and antipathy to try new medical treatments, Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Health Equity Response (H.E.R.) Task Force planned a roundtable discussion with several of Houston’s top health care professionals to directly address the questions and concerns of Houston residents about getting the vaccine.

In partnership with the Mayor’s H.E.R. Task Force, Gilbreath Communications engaged VISION to produce a conversational PSA campaign in anticipation of the Mayor’s roundtable discussion and invite the community to join the conversation. Developed in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese and broadcast across TV, radio, and social media platforms, Mayor Turner’s “Let’s Talk About the Vaccine” campaign for communities of color takes into consideration the concerns and fears about the vaccine while also addressing the hopes of each community and introducing physicians of color—helping to establish trust and minimize concerns associated with the COVID-19 vaccine. VISION is honored to join Mayor Turner and Gilbreath Communications in this life-saving PSA campaign to ensure that Houstonians live ON.