Messina Hof Augmented Reality Wine

Uncorking innovation with interactive augmented reality wine labels.

Founded on the cornerstones of family, tradition, and romance, Messina Hof has been at the forefront of the Texas wine industry for nearly 45 years. In addition to being the most awarded winery in the state of Texas, Messina Hof is also the largest producer of Texas wines with locations in Grapevine, Bryan and Fredericksburg. Upon the opening of their newest location, Harvest Green Winery & Kitchen in Richmond, Messina Hof will also add ‘largest winery in the Greater Houston area’ to its list of achievements. To commemorate the opening of the Harvest Green location, Messina Hof partnered with VISION to develop a mobile app and innovative augmented reality experience for its Harvest Green wine collection—making the collection the first Texas wine to feature interactive wine labels.

  • Augmented Reality:

    Messina Hof partnered with VISION to create the first Texas wines to feature an interactive augmented reality experience. The AR experience allows users to immerse themselves in a unique world of augmented reality through animated storytelling while expanding their knowledge of Messina Hof’s vast collection of wines, food pairings, recipes and more.

  • 3D Animation:

    Through interactive storytelling and stunning 3D animated visuals, the three-bottle Harvest Green wine collection brings the story behind the collection to life with a grapevine growing from the earth to surround the bottles while featuring the three classical elements that truly encapsulates the essence of each wine: water, earth and fire.

  • Mobile App Development:

    Along with three engaging augmented reality experiences, VISION’s team also developed the Messina Hof mobile app where users can learn the story of the Harvest Green wine collection, as well as discover Messina Hof’s award-winning Texas wines, gourmet recipe pairings and important information regarding Messina Hof locations and events.

They say that drinking wine is a truly sensory experience that engages every sense—from the sound of the wine pouring into the glass all the way to the taste. As a pioneer of the Texas wine industry, Messina Hof is known for creating flavorful, award-winning Texas wines perfect for every palate. VISION is thrilled to bring our expertise in augmented reality and animation to the table to give Messina Hof’s customers a whole new sensory experience that lives ON through immersive storytelling with a great glass of wine.