Equinor (formerly Statoil)

Helping an outstanding company stand out at OTC.

Swag bags full of pens, pop-up booths with flashy graphics—it’s easy for a company to get lost in the sea of sameness at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). Statoil, which is now known as Equinor and one of the world’s largest petroleum companies headquartered in Stavanger Norway, wanted to make a splash at the global conference and showcase their often over-looked innovation coming out of the Gulf of Mexico. With over 1,000 Statoil customers and dignitaries from around the world attending, this event was critical to helping Statoil’s impact in the Gulf of Mexico live ON.

  • Production Management:

    VISION worked with Statoil to create an immersive and memorable international extravaganza. We knew the venue had to be a stunner—and we found one in the yet-to-be-opened BBVA Compass Stadium. It was the perfect backdrop for an international client list as home to one of the world’s most popular sports. And as Statoil was a major sponsor of the venue, their guests were welcomed right through the Statoil branded stadium entrance. As the first-ever event in the new space, there were some unique challenges, including the lack of catering operations or even electricity. Working round the clock with BBVA’s staff and the City of Houston, we opened the stadium with this successful event without a hitch.

  • statoil people in bleachers

    Live Event Production: 

    Like the saying goes, you have to go big or go home. We washed the entire stadium in Statoil’s signature magenta brand colors with 100’s of lights, enticed guests to mingle over carving stations and numerous bars, and entertained them with TSU’s Ocean of Soul marching band, Cirque-style performers and a command performance from R&B recording artist, Mary Griffin.

  • Motion Graphics:

    VISION developed an immersive laser-light show displayed right on BBVA Compass Stadium’s grass field, complete with state-of-the-art 3D animation of Statoil helicopters servicing their Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling rigs.

Needless to say, Statoil’s impact was memorable—the event generated over 8.9 million media impressions including a front-page Houston Chronicle feature. A Statoil internal study of “Trust & Reputation” in North America showed that awareness levels trended upwards from 75% just before the events to 84% three months later.