Tahirih Justice Center Global Digital Experience

Coming together digitally to end gender-based violence.

As a national, nonprofit organization that supports immigrant survivors of violence, Tahirih Justice Center’s fundraising events are pivotal to continuing its important work with survivors of gender-based violence. With the pandemic shutting down all in-person events, Tahirih called on VISION to transform its annual Houston Gala into a global digital experience with breathtaking animations and motion graphics that would engage viewers and inspire donations towards Tahirih’s cause.

Tahirih Justice Center’s ‘Journey to Justice: Hope & Healing’ digital experience not only seeks to raise funding for its many resources for immigrant survivors of violence, but also to acknowledge the strength and resiliency of its clients and all survivors as they seek to attain the most basic human rights – to live in safety and with dignity – in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued attacks on asylum.

Hosted by award-winning anchor at ABC12 Houston, Melanie Lawson, the digital experience featured many Tahirih advocates, including famed Actress Eva LaRue; Actor and Musician Penn Badgley; and Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, to name a few.

  • Motion Graphics Content Creation:

    The digital experience allowed viewers to bear witness to the long and arduous journey to justice taken by immigrant survivors of violence. VISION’s creative team brought the event’s theme, ‘Journey to Justice: Hope & Healing’, to life with moving motion graphics and video animation intertwined with Tahirih Justice Center’s important messaging.

  • Video Animation:

    To evoke feelings of deeper connection to the survivors’ journey and inspiration to engage in Tahirih’s work, VISION created animated videos featuring digital illustrations modeled after real Tahirih clients throughout the event.

  • Digital Experience Production:

    VISION capitalized on our production expertise to revamp Tahirih Justice Center’s ‘Journey to Justice: Hope & Healing’ gala into a digital experience utilizing both pre-recorded and live interactive elements throughout the event. Through careful international coordination of content, the digital experience featured cameos from celebrities around the world, real-time stats on fundraising progress as well as social media callouts and donor recognition throughout the event.

Through its ‘Journey to Justice’ digital experience, Tahirih Justice Center is able to protect and elevate the voices of courageous immigrant women and girls who refuse to be victims of violence. VISION is proud to put our expertise in animation, video production and digital engagement to help Tahirih Justice Center create a world where all women and girls live ON in safety with dignity and equality.

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