HHD My Prenatal Promise Campaign

Preventing Congenital Syphilis with a PSA Commercial Campaign.

In response to a sharp increase of congenital syphilis cases among women in Harris County, the Houston Health Department (HHD) launched a campaign, called “My Prenatal Promise,” urging expectant mothers to seek consistent prenatal care and required syphilis testing to prevent congenital syphilis. For this new campaign, the Houston Health Department teamed up with Gilbreath Communications and VISION to create a  PSA campaign targeting women of childbearing age, and emphasizing three actions: “Talk, Test and Treat.” The campaign seeks to increase awareness about prenatal care and its link to the prevention of congenital syphilis, to promote the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of syphilis and to educate and encourage women to get tested for syphilis, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during pregnancy.

  • Broadcast and Radio Commercial Production:

    As part of the Houston Health Department’s “My Prenatal Promise” campaign, VISION joined Gilbreath Communications to create three 30-second public service announcements (PSAs) for broadcast TV and social media, as well as two 15-second radio PSAs for urban and Spanish-language radio stations.

This campaign showcases the importance of prenatal health awareness and education. VISION is honored to join Gilbreath Communications and the Houston Health Department in this life-saving effort to stop the spread of Congenital Syphilis in our city by creating a prevention and awareness educational campaign—helping Houstonian mothers and babies live ON healthily.