Holocaust Museum Houston Video Wall

Welcoming visitors to Holocaust Museum Houston.

Holocaust Museum Houston opened its doors in 1996 with an important mission to educate students and the public about the dangers of prejudice, hatred, and apathy in society. After 21 years, the Museum became aware that the building’s tight configuration was not conducive to how they wanted to showcase their important work and related exhibits. So in 2017, Holocaust Museum Houston announced their plans to expand their existing building to nearly triple its original size—making it the fourth largest Holocaust Museum in the nation.

After two years of renovations, Holocaust Museum Houston opened its doors to their expanded facility. To help welcome all who enter Holocaust Museum Houston’s Lester and Sue Smith Campus and to recognize the many Museum donors for their generous support, the Museum engaged VISION to bring their new branding campaign created by Deutser to life through the development of rotating animation and visual content for a 6-panel video wall display centrally located in the new Museum. VISION created more than 150 animations to showcase the Museum’s important work for human rights and social justice.

  • Permanent Video Wall Installation:

    The 6-panel video wall centrally located in Holocaust Museum Houston serves as a way to welcome visitors, acknowledge donors, inform about Museum events and affinity groups, as well as spread the Museum’s messages of respect, civility, and hope.

  • Video and Motion Graphic Content:

    VISION produced an on-going array of video screen content, including hand-drawn illustrations, animations, and motion graphics to showcase elements of the Museum including their branding, donors,  mission, aspirations, and exhibits.

Holocaust Museum Houston’s $34 million expansion nearly tripled HMH’s original size to 57,000 square feet – and extended its mission beyond that of a regional resource in Holocaust education to that of a national voice for human rights and social justice.


Holocaust Museum Houston’s video wall serves as one of the first touch-points as visitors explore the new campus and exhibits. VISION is honored to be a part of ensuring that the legacy of Holocaust survivors lives ON.