Insperity Incompass

Insperity InCompass event

Empowering Insperitans at Insperity’s InCompass 2024.

Since 1986, Insperity has been at the forefront of guiding companies on how to leverage the power of HR. Recognizing that an organization’s most valuable asset is its people, Insperity annually convenes team members from across the country to its Incompass conference and awards ceremony. This multi-day event is strategically designed to be a memorable experience, with a focus on empowering, encouraging, and equipping the team with the knowledge essential for conquering their goals for the year. Serving as a Production Partner for this pivotal event, VISION Production Group had the privilege of utilizing its expertise in live event production and content creation to help make this important event truly memorable and impactful.

  • Insperity InCompass 2024 Live Event

    Live Event Production:

    Guided by comprehensive planning, technical prowess, and a seasoned team of producers, VISION transformed Insperity’s annual Incompass event into an extraordinary and seamless experience. From orchestrating intricate logistics to ensuring the smooth flow of the entire event, VISION’s commitment to precision and professionalism created a lasting impression on every attendee.

  • Insperity InCompass 2024 Opening Video

    Content Creation:

    VISION’s team of motion graphics artists and video editors showcased unparalleled creativity and expertise, playing a crucial role in shaping the on-screen content for Insperity’s InCompass. Their impactful contribution featured an inspiring opening video, setting the event’s tone and encapsulating the essence and vision of Insperity. This dynamic content created a captivating atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on attendees throughout the entire program.

Insperity’s InCompass multi-day conference and awards serves as a beacon of inspiration, directing Insperitans toward greater heights and underscoring the profound impact of investing in people. VISION is privileged to have brought our expertise in live event production and content creation to the table, adding to the overall InCompass experience.