Lexus Earth Night 3D Mapping

Driving innovation—up a wall.

Known for their sleek, well-designed luxury cars and commitment to top-tier service, Lexus is always searching for ways to stand out in the crowd. To launch their new hybrid, the CT 200H, Lexus wanted to do something that spoke to their target demographic—affluent young adults aged 25-39—which research showed were tech savvy, stylish and always connected. To reach them, VISION created an innovative outdoor advertising experience designed for maximum impact, both online and off. The four day 3D Projection Mapping event held during the national Earth Night Celebration in Hollywood, California was exactly the kind of thing that would have you fumbling for your phone to capture the scene—because no one would believe what you described, they’d have to see it themselves. People wanted to capture this content so that it lived ON.

  • 3-D Projection Mapping:

    The memorable, bold, progressive 3D projection mapping display was featured on the side of the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Catching the attention of onlookers and enrapturing social media, the animation featured a variety of state-of-the-art animation effects showcasing the progressive nature of the new hybrid vehicle as it raced around and through the hotel walls.

The live event brought in over 30,000 attendees, VIPs and visiting media, and earned more than 10 million media impressions—including spots on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Hollywood Extra. After the event, sales for the Lexus CT200 Hybrid increased. The 3D projection mapping content was awarded “Best Outdoor Advertising”, “Best Outdoor Board” and “Best Graphics and Animation” by the American Advertising Federation, as well as the “Best Animation Design” award by the American Marketing Association.