Space Center Houston Rebrand Video

Launching the future of Space Center Houston with a 3D animated video.

Since 1992, Space Center Houston has been one of the most iconic attractions in the Houston area—chronicling the journey of human spaceflight while empowering and inspiring people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

During their 30th anniversary, Space Center Houston unveiled its new brand identity and master plan to skyrocket its footprint fivefold over the next 30 years to support the growing need for space exploration education and training. Within the master plan is the Lunar Mars Facility, which will include two enclosed simulated cosmic terrains of the Moon and Mars, as well as modular surface labs and STEM learning centers. An elevated exhibit hall over the two surfaces will offer immersive experiences to observe astronaut training first-hand while experiencing the future of space exploration as humans return to the Moon and eventually onto Mars.

To reveal its ambitious master plan and new brand identity, Space Center Houston enlisted VISION Production Group to create the showpiece of the unveiling event: a cinematic video with life-like 3D animation that offers a preview of the immersive guest experience that the facility will offer.

  • 3D Moon Walk Animation

    3D Animation:

    VISION brought Space Center Houston’s vision for their new facility to life with 3D animation, creating a detailed view into their ambitious plans to completely reinvent their 100-acre campus into an immersive experience for the public to observe astronauts in training.

  • Vintage projector projecting image of cowboy on horse on a wall

    Cinematic Video Production:

    Bridging the story of where Space Center Houston started to where they’re going, VISION’s video production team filmed a cinematic opening sequence that projected Space Center Houston’s historical footage using a vintage projector.

  • black girl looking fascinated out a window with red galaxy graphics and

    Motion Graphics and Editing:

    VISION’s team put the finishing touches on Space Center Houston’s rebrand video with expert editing and out-of-this-world motion graphics—turning Space Center Houston’s rebrand announcement into a storytelling masterpiece.

Since opening its doors as NASA Johnson Space Center’s official visitor center, Space Center Houston has inspired millions with the story of U.S. manned spaceflight. VISION is honored to be a part of telling Space Center Houston’s story with a rebrand video that pays homage to their three-decade history and launches the next chapter of Space Center Houston into the future—helping curiosity, innovation, and space exploration live ON.