Baker Hughes Education Center

Innovating for energy’s future.

Innovative companies don’t train their employees with a presentation deck and call it a day, they immerse them in the culture and inspire them with engaging content. The Baker Hughes Western Hemisphere Education Center, one of only two in the world, encompasses both classroom-based learning and a 162,000 square foot training yard for employees to learn using real world scenarios. With over 66,000 employees in more than 80 countries, it’s essential to Baker Hughes’ success that each employee be able to deliver the right solution to help the company’s legacy of innovation live ON.

  • Permanent Installation Design:

    Baker Hughes wanted to create an impact and drive home their culture of innovation the moment employees entered their Western Hemisphere Education Center. VISION worked with Baker Hughes on the lobby design and careful selection of state-of-the-art presentation technologies for permanent installation, including a unique 24-panel mosaic video screen (the largest in North America) and a 35-foot long multi-touch interactive table that would allow 32 employees at the same time to interact with the table which showcased Baker Hughes’ legacy of innovation.

  • Interactive Content Creation:

    Using a combination of touchscreen technology, animation, motion graphics and video production, VISION created one-of-a-kind visual displays throughout the facility that take employees on an interactive journey through Baker Hughes’ more than 100-year history of energy innovation, driving this important message home.

VISION produced more than three hours of motion graphics and videos to showcase the culture of Baker Hughes. Having all product lines represented in one location for training helps Baker Hughes employees from across the globe learn everything they need to know about the oil and gas industry, while sharing knowledge and gaining a competitive edge.