Lowe’s Pro Supply Brand Video

Equipping Lowe’s Pro Supply with a new brand video.

Lowe’s Pro Supply, formerly Lowe’s Maintenance Supply Headquarters, is a one-stop shop for maintenance and renovation supplies for the multifamily housing and hospitality industries. With the power of modern logistics combined with good old-fashioned customer service, Lowe’s Pro Supply ensures that their customers get the supplies they need delivered to their door — faster. Along with their new name, Lowe’s Pro Supply needed a new brand video showcasing their vast product offerings and superior customer service. To get the job done, Lowe’s Pro Supply called on VISION’s video production skills to create a dynamic brand video that reflects the needs of their MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) customer base.

  • Video Production:

    Lowe’s Pro Supply offers personalized customer service that meets the unique needs of each customer, all while running a big operation. To showcase the vastness of their product selection as well as highlight their detail-oriented customer service, VISION utilized both standard video production and drone footage to get both macro and micro shots of what makes Lowe’s Pro Supply a leader in their industry.

  • Motion Graphics:

    VISION’s team of animators and graphics artists incorporated eye-catching motion graphics over fast-moving footage to get all of the necessary information delivered in a compelling way.

Now equipped with a new name and a powerful new brand video, Lowe’s Pro Supply is ready to showcase the full breadth of their products and service offerings with their MRO-customer base—ensuring that their role as a leader in supplying the pros lives ON.