Emerson Augmented Reality Exhibit

Leveraging augmented reality to showcase Emerson’s products at Valve World.

Valve World is the premier valve event in America that brings together the leading minds driving ahead innovation and excellence in the fields of valve manufacturing, use, maintenance and more. As a major player at the forefront of the industry, Emerson needed an innovative exhibit to display their new technology at Valve World Americas Expo & Conference. For this, they called on VISION to create an augmented reality application utilizing 3D animation to immerse conference-goers in the inner workings and mechanisms of their products.

  • Augmented Reality Application Development:

    VISION developed an augmented reality application to help Emerson showcase their products at Valve World. The application includes PDFs with shortcuts to allow Emerson’s sales representatives to thoroughly explain the product and how it can be of use to potential customers.

  • 3D Animation:

    Using 3D models, VISION created digital cross-sections and animations to show the inner workings of Emerson’s products. The AR application utilized iPads to overlay the current view with information, specifications and more, allowing the participants to stay present within Emerson’s exhibit while exploring interactive elements beyond the physical boundaries of the space.

With the largest gathering of flow control professionals in the Americas, Emerson needed to create a booth experience that would have a lasting impact long after the event is over. Through the use of innovative augmented reality technology, VISION was able to help Emerson create a memorable and immersive exhibit experience that stood out amongst the many other vendors on the expo floor competing for the attention of Valve World attendees. Augmented reality proves to be a powerful tool in connecting with audiences at trade shows and ensuring that innovation lives ON.