Houston Health Department I am Life Campaign

Educating Houston’s LGBTQ community about HIV prevention and treatment.

HIV cases among LGBTQ African-American and Hispanic populations has become one of the top health crises in the Houston area and the southern United States. In response, the Houston Health Department launched a comprehensive strategy and unified advertising, social marketing and digital branded campaign called “I am Life.”

Through personal stories of 21 real-life Houston LGBTQ ambassadors, this city-wide campaign seeks to educate Houstonians about HIV treatment and prevention as well as remove the negative stigma around those who participate in HIV treatment. VISION joined Gilbreath Communications in this life-saving effort to stop the spread of HIV in our city by creating Houston’s first-ever HIV prevention and awareness educational campaign—helping LGBTQ Houstonians live ON.

  • Commercial Production:

    Through a federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control, the City of Houston’s first-ever HIV prevention campaign brings awareness about PrEP and encourages those already living with HIV to get treatment. As part of the Houston Health Department’s “I am Life” campaign, VISION joined Gilbreath Communications to produce 26 commercials and PSAs, filmed throughout the Houston-area, featuring the personal stories of 21 Houstonians from the LGBTQ community.

  • Motion Graphics:

    Rooted in empowerment and self-affirmation, the “I am Life” campaign is an expression of celebration and reminding the world, “I am here. I exist. I matter. I am Life.” To drive this message home, this mantra concludes each PSA in bold graphics along with a vibrant, water-color treatment.

Life is most rewarding when we unite to strengthen the overall health of our society by improving one community at a time. In an honest and authentic way, the Houston Health Department’s “I am Life” campaign shows that any individual can make a positive contribution to their community.

This campaign showcases the importance of health awareness, education and acceptance of everyone in all their unique scenarios through a deeply emotional appeal from people personally affected by HIV – from people living with the virus and maintaining their health through treatment to others using PrEP to avoid acquiring HIV. VISION is honored to join Gilbreath Communications and the Houston Health Department in championing Houston’s LGBTQ community with Houston’s first HIV prevention campaign.